Transforming Institution Operations and Management

Simplifying excellence with low-code/no-code solutions

Discover cutting-edge solutions that can transform your institute into a center of excellence helping you balance critical everyday responsibilities from strategic planning to budgeting, resource allocation to compliance, and everything in between. 

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Low-code/ No-code solutions for collaboration, coordination, and cohesion


Request Substitute

Effortlessly manage and track substitute requests, ensuring smooth transitions and uninterrupted operations in your institution.

Technology Request

From software and hardware needs to IT support, our platform provides a centralized system to submit, track, and manage technology requests, ensuring efficient and timely resolution.

Transportation Request

Easily manage and coordinate transportation needs for students, faculty, and staff, ensuring a smooth and reliable transportation experience within your institution.

Budget Approval Process

Digitize and automate the workflow, enabling efficient budget review, approval, and tracking, ensuring financial decisions are made promptly and transparently.

Faculty Travel Request

Simplify the submission, review, and approval process, ensuring seamless coordination of travel arrangements for faculty members, and minimizing administrative burdens.

Purchase Requisition

Optimize your procurement process with us. Digitize and streamline the request, approval, and tracking of purchases, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and accountability throughout the procurement lifecycle.

Recruiting Authorization

Simplify and streamline the recruiting authorization process by digitizing and automating the workflow, ensuring efficient management of hiring requests, approval, and tracking, facilitating a seamless recruitment experience.

Staff & Faculty Onboarding

Ensure a smooth onboarding process for staff and faculty members by streamlining the onboarding workflow, and facilitating efficient documentation, orientation, and integration into your institution's culture and operations.

Travel Registry

Manage travel information effectively with centralized travel records, ensuring easy access, tracking, and reporting of travel-related data, enhancing transparency and compliance within your institution.

Embrace the future of operations and management with XAAS Genie

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Bid farewell to the never-ending mountain of paperwork 

XAAS Genie automates processes, streamlines workflows, and eliminates unnecessary administrative burdens ensuring smooth operations, saving you time and effort.


Make informed decisions based on institutional data

Our platform offers centralized storage and analysis capabilities, enabling you to make informed decisions based on real-time insights empowering you to drive your institution toward success.


Foster seamless collaboration among departments. 

XAAS Genie provides a unified platform that streamlines communication channels and enables real-time information sharing.


Build a strong foundation with transparency at the core.

With XAAS Genie, you can ensure transparency in financial transactions, resource allocation, and compliance.

Case Study

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Digitization in Low-Code/No-Code for Institutional Operations and Management

The University, a large public university in the United States, embarked on a digitization initiative using low-code/no-code platforms to streamline institutional operations and management processes


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Revolutionize Higher Education

5 Reasons why low-code platforms are the future!

Higher education institutions are operating in an ever-changing landscape, prompting them to seek efficient solutions to streamline operations.