Unleash operational excellence with Low-Code/No-Code solutions

Are you looking to modernize operations and management in your higher education institute? XAAS Genie presents cutting-edge low-code no-code solutions, specifically designed to optimize operations and enhance efficiency in higher education institutes.

Why choose XAAS Genie for your Higher Education Institute?

Our low-code no-code solution offers tailored demos of our services. Our experts work closely with you to customize these demos, ensuring they align seamlessly with your unique workflows, administrative systems, and academic processes and empower your institution to innovate rapidly without relying on complex coding or IT expertise.

Ready to explore the potential of XAAS Genie’s No Code Low Code solutions?

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Request Substitute: Effortlessly manage and track substitute requests, ensuring smooth transitions and uninterrupted operations in your institution.

Technology Request: Submit, track, and manage technology requests from software and hardware needs, ensuring efficient and timely resolution.

Transportation Request: Manage and coordinate transportation needs for students, faculty, and staff, ensuring a smooth and reliable transportation experience within your institution.

Budget Approval Process: Digitize and automate workflows, enabling efficient budget review, approval, and tracking, ensuring financial decisions are made promptly and transparently.

Faculty Travel Request: Simplify the submission, review, and approval process, ensuring seamless coordination of travel arrangements for faculty members, and minimizing administrative burdens. 

Purchase Requisition: Optimize your procurement process with us by digitizing and streamlining the request, approval, and tracking of purchases throughout the procurement lifecycle.

Recruiting Authorization: Simplify and streamline the recruiting authorization process by digitizing and automating the workflow, ensuring efficient management of hiring requests.

Staff & Faculty Onboarding: Ensure a smooth onboarding process for staff and faculty members by streamlining the onboarding workflow, and facilitating efficient documentation, orientation, and integration into your institution's culture and operations.

Travel Registry: Manage travel information effectively with centralized travel records, ensuring easy access, tracking, and reporting of travel-related data, enhancing transparency and compliance within your institution.