XAAS Genie and Creatio: Partnering to grant your automation wishes!

XAAS Genie is thrilled to join forces with Creatio, a Leader in the Gartner® MQ for Sales Force and Marketing Automation, to revolutionize how businesses handle their processes. This strategic partnership combines XAAS Genie's expertise in business process consulting with Creatio's powerful No-Code technology, enabling organizations to achieve unprecedented agility and efficiency.

Together, we'll empower companies of all sizes to streamline their operations, automate tasks, and enhance customer experiences. With Creatio's acclaimed capabilities and XAAS Genie's dedication to delivering tailor-made solutions, we're confident that this partnership will create significant value for our clients.

Stay tuned for more updates as together we unleash the magic of no-code automation!

XAAS Genie's Rally Solution Takes Kolkata on Wheels (KOW) Rally to the Finish Line - Automating the Future of Events

20 Feb 2024 - Buckle up! XAAS Genie, the driving force in event tech innovation, unveils a revolutionary feat at the prestigious KOW Rally: the groundbreaking Rally Solution. This automated champion streamlined operations, amplified participant experience, and redefined the race for efficient event management.

Say goodbye to the pit stops of outdated systems. XAAS Genie's Rally Solution brought a pit crew of transformative features to the track:

  • Real-time Registration Rocket: Ditch the paperwork! Participants effortlessly zoom through city-wide registration with lightning speed, thanks to real-time data processing.
  • Odometer Automation Pit Stop: Kiss manual readings goodbye! Tablets become precision pit crews, capturing odometer readings and delivering real-time data visualization for unmatched accuracy and control.
  • Automatic Results Finish Line: No more manual calculations! Advanced algorithms crunch through complex factors, delivering precise and instantaneous results for both drivers and crew.
  • Dynamic Dashboards: See the Whole Racetrack: Get a panoramic view of the action with real-time dashboards. Downloadable results and transparent data keep everyone informed and engaged.
  • End-to-End Data Champion: This solution is the ultimate pit crew chief, seamlessly gathering, analyzing, and presenting data. Informed decisions and insightful metrics become your winning lap.

 Kaustav Mitra - Head of Innovations at XAAS Genie stated, "This automation victory at KOW Rally shows our commitment to revolutionizing events. We've not only streamlined operations, but also created a smoother, more rewarding ride for everyone involved."

The KOW Rally's successful automation marks a groundbreaking checkpoint in event management, proving XAAS Genie's dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and excellence. Ready to cross the finish line to event success? Fuel your passion with the Rally Solution. Contact us today at info@xaasgenie.com!

Your alumni potential is waiting to be tapped

  • Foster collaboration, mentorship, and industry connections
  • Enhance fundraising efforts
  • Empower current students, enhancing their career prospects

Reimagine alumni engagement with XAAS Genie

  • User-friendly interface for effortless navigation
  • Scalable and customized to match your institution's unique needs
  • Robust security features to ensure the privacy of alumni identity and information
  • Analytics and reporting to provide insights into engagement metrics enabling informed decisions
  • Should we add something around “not much technical know-how required”