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Revolutionize your operations with low-code/no-code apps for efficiency, agility, and profit.


How is XAAS Genie revolutionizing business processes for aviation brands


Rapid Development and Customization

Experience the power of our low-code/no-code solutions, empowering users to swiftly develop and customize digital workflows without the need for extensive coding expertise.


Scalable and Agile Operations

With XAAS Genie, scale your operations seamlessly as your business grows. Our solutions adapt to changing needs and market demands, ensuring agility and efficiency every step of the way.


Seamless Integration and Automation

Integrate with ease. Our applications seamlessly integrate with existing software and systems, automating processes to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

Our Key Differentiators

  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for effortless process design.
  • Visual Workflow Builders: Visualize and optimize processes with ease for improved efficiency.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate with existing systems and applications for enhanced connectivity.

One platform. Multiple wins


Reduced Development Time


Increased Agility and Adaptability



Transforming aviation business workflows across departments

Airfield Operations

Revolutionize daily routines with streamlined inspections, documentation, and reporting tasks. Our solution ensures airports efficiently oversee entire airfield areas, enhancing compliance with FAA Part 139 or ICAO Annex 14 regulations


Detect, allocate, and address work orders with unparalleled efficiency. Integration with inspections and reporting forms eliminates data redundancy, ensuring seamless workflow management in minutes


Centralize tenant information management effortlessly. Reduce administrative costs and elevate customer service standards for tenants with a centralized database tailored for streamlined operations


Fortify your defense against security threats comprehensively. Empower your security team with efficient management of inspections, training, and incident tracking. Seamlessly integrate with FAA bird strike data, minimizing environmental impact while enhancing security protocols

Safety, Emergency, ARFF

Tailored for airports, our robust tool ensures systematic hazard identification and risk control. Digitize SCBA inspections, streamline equipment checklists, and address recurring maintenance issues for unparalleled emergency response readiness. Safeguard passenger, tenant, and employee safety with our comprehensive solution

An international aviation facility achieves 20% revenue growth with digital transformation

Located in Ohio, USA, an international airport faced significant challenges in managing their revenue and commercial B2B processes efficiently due to manual workflows. Read how by partnering with XAAS Genie, the airport implemented a comprehensive digital solution to streamline revenue processes and achieved a substantial 20% increase in overall revenue within the first year.

U.S. aviation hub soars with 25% faster turnaround times and 15% cost savings

By leveraging our digital aviation platform, the airport overcame the challenges posed by outdated manual processes and fragmented data systems and achieved a significant 25% reduction in turnaround times for aircraft, enhancing operational efficiency and improving the overall passenger experience.

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