Business Process Management (BPM) services - Structuring your business through automation workflow and intelligent business processes

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Attain Transformation Success with BPM

Business Process Management services are instrumental in digitalization and make organizations responsive, agile and flexible to changing market conditions. Besides boosting efficiency and productivity, it reduces costs and risks.

Simplifying processes through intelligent Business Process Management.


Unlock Your Business Potential with XAAS Genie’s comprehensive BPM Services.


Platform strategy and assessments

Based on an organization's custom needs, we choose the best platform and assessments with recommended low-code and no-code platforms that drive strategic goals.


Visioning lab workshops

Our unique workshops show you the vision and roadmaps on how low-code and no-code solutions can positively accelerate digital transformation and improve productivity.


Solution prototyping

With rapid prototyping using low-code and no-code solutions, we can demonstrate the critical functionality of a production-ready solution in weeks to help you test markets before a full-scale implementation.


Implementation Services

We have the expertise across leading BPM platforms and offer consulting, customization, implementation and support, helping to deliver a delightful customer experience.


Migration Services

We deliver effective and efficient BPM migration services with minimal downtime and operating impacts. Our expertise enables seamless migration of data across environments successfully.


Low-code and no-code Centre of Excellence (CoE)

We bring together a diverse and knowledgeable group of LCNC experts to define frameworks and guide our teams in building and deploying quality solutions.


What Sets Us Apart: Our Unique Differentiators

  • Creating integrated, omnichannel digital experiences with user-centric frameworks. 
  • Provide accelerated time-to-market 
  • Agile iterations and rapid prototyping. 
  • Expert guidance for effective process digitization and optimization.
  • Extensive global experience in serving diverse industries and verticals.


Explore our featured case studies demonstrating the benefits of our high-value solutions

imageedit_35_2884438773Industry: Education

Digitization in Low-Code/No-Code for Institutional Operations and Management

ABC University, a large public university in the United States, embarked on a digitization initiative using low-code/no-code platforms to streamline institutional operations and management processes.  

imageedit_33_6317787405Industry: Education

Weathering the storm: A Leading US University embraces digitized ICS forms for effective emergency response

The client, a prominent University located in North America has been dedicated to providing quality education to students from around the world for the last 50 years. 



Business Process Management

Low-Code No-Code Business Processes with a Digital-First Approach


RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

What do you think will RPA market size keep on increasing like this with adoption of RPA/IPA by more and more organizations?


The growing significance of Incident Command System in 2023 and beyond

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