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The All-in-One Alumni Management Solution: Genie AlumniX Unveiled

February 23, 2024 In today's rapidly evolving world, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and Schools understand the crucial role alumni relations programs play in their success. These programs are no longer just about nostalgic reunions; they are strategic tools for enhancing institutional growth, student experience, brand reputation, and societal impact.


XAAS Genie Partners with LeadSquared to Deliver Powerful CRM Solutions and Low-Code/No-Code Expertise

February 21, 2024 - XAAS Genie has recently forged a partnership with Bengaluru-based end-to-end sales execution and marketing automation platform, LeadSquared. This strategic alliance aims to revolutionize customer experiences globally while bolstering sales strategies for brands. By joining forces, XAAS Genieand LeadSquared are dedicated to fortifying their commitment to facilitating seamless connections between businesses and their clientele across diverse communication channels.

XAAS Genie's Rally Solution Takes Kolkata on Wheels (KOW) Rally to the Finish Line - Automating the Future of Events

February 20, 2024 - Buckle up! XAAS Genie, the driving force in event tech innovation, unveils a revolutionary feat at the prestigious KOW Rally: the groundbreaking Rally Solution. This automated champion streamlined operations, amplified participant experience, and redefined the race for efficient event management.

XG Partners with Zoho to Enhance Creator and Books Offerings

February 16, 2024 - XG is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Zoho, a leading provider of cloud-based software for businesses. This collaboration aims to elevate XG's Creator and Books services, offering enhanced solutions to our valued customers.

XAAS Genie and Creatio: Partnering to grant your automation wishes!

XAAS Genie is thrilled to join forces with Creatio, a Leader in the Gartner® MQ for Sales Force and Marketing Automation, to revolutionize how businesses handle their processes. This strategic partnership combines XAAS Genie's expertise in business process consulting with Creatio's powerful No-Code technology, enabling organizations to achieve unprecedented agility and efficiency.